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Reliable Power Washing Services in Red Deer

With over a decade of experience Ma-Shine Pressure Wash & Steaming Services Ltd can thoroughly clean any type of soiled surface. We serve clients in Red Deer and surrounding areas and offer cleaning services 24/7. Our power washing equipment is ideal for doing a deep clean of your entire property. We can get to all the difficult corners and cracks and properly sanitize your space to improve hygiene.

Power washing is a cleaning method that uses water released at high pressure. The pressurized water can be heated up, enabling us to get rid of grease, tar and even types of paint. The use of high pressure makes the cleaning process quick and easy. Both the terms pressure washing and power washing can be used interchangeably. Get in touch to book our cleaning services for your property today.

Benefits of Power Washing 

Typically a power washing surface cleaner is made up of two to four pressure jets mounted on a rotating bar that swivels when water is flowing through. The equipment achieves a water pressure of up to 3000 psi that enables us to clean flat surfaces very quickly. Additionally, some of the other benefits of power washing include: 

Wet and dry cleaning capability
Quick and efficient process
Increased cleaning capacity
Easy graffiti removal
Effective paint stripping
Heavy machinery cleaning
Cleaning of hard to reach areas
Easy cleaning of extremely soiled surfaces

With a convenient mobile service that operates 24/7 we are well-equipped to handle any unforeseen and urgent cleaning requirements so give us a call if you need our cleaning service today! 

Our Services

At Ma-Shine Pressure Wash & Steaming Services we offer pressure cleaning services that can cater to a variety of clients and applications. The main areas we cover include: 

Our cleaning services will ensure the safety and efficiency of your oilfield and oil rigs. 

From storefronts to building facades, our pressure washing services will keep your property spotless.  

We can clean your residence inside out and clean even the most hard-to-reach areas. 

Industrial cleanups can prolong the life of your equipment and improve the condition of your space. 

Our pressure washing services are perfect for cleaning barns, farms, tools and farmhouses.  

Pressure washing can clean your heavy machinery and get rid of any built-up tar, grime and grease. 

Our thawing services are designed to safely restore your fixtures and piping after they have been frozen. 

Professional Power Washing

Keep your property sparkling clean with our pressure washing techniques.

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