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Thorough Heavy Machinery Cleaning Services in Red Deer

Construction contractors and oilfield managers stand to lose valuable time and money if the equipment they use stops working. One of the simplest and most effective ways of maintaining heavy-duty equipment is to regularly clean them. At Ma-Shine Pressure Wash & Steaming Services Ltd, we offer heavy machinery cleaning services in Red Deer to help contractors maintain their equipment so that any potential downtime is reduced. 

Our pressure washing and steam cleaning techniques wash out heavy amounts of grease, dirt and debris much quicker than standard cleaning practices. Our equipment delivers water pressure at 3000 psi which is more than enough to give heavily soiled machinery a deep and thorough cleaning. Contact us today to have your machinery cleaned.

Benefits of High-pressure Cleaning

Keeping your heavy machinery clean can reduce mechanical issues and prolong functional capability. Here are a few benefits of regularly cleaning your heavy machinery and equipment:

Reduced downtime
A malfunctioning machine can cost a construction project valuable time and money. Regular cleaning will avoid such problems and improve functionality.
Costly repairs are avoided
Machines that are caked with layers upon layers of grime and dirt will usually have debris coming in the way of vital parts of the machine like motors and gears. This, in turn, causes wear and tear that may result in a breakdown.
Regulates temperature
Dirty heavy machinery tends to overheat when used for long periods. Keeping it clean can reduce overheating and increase its longevity.
Enhanced safety
Properly cleaned and maintained equipment is safer to operate. The last thing you would want is for your employee to suffer an injury because of avoidable malfunctions.
Improves appearances
A clean set of machinery and construction vehicles go a long way in improving a client's perception of a business. Make a good impression with spotless equipment and maintain a healthy reputation with your clients.

Our Approach 

We use the finest quality cleaning products that are safe and get the job done. Ma-Shine Pressure Wash & Steaming Services follows strict safety protocols when undertaking a cleaning job. Through our specialized cleaning equipment, products and our experience in working with heavy equipment, we can safely clean your fleet of construction equipment and large oil rigs while keeping everyone involved safe from injury. 

We Clean Construction Equipment

Proper cleaning of your heavy machinery will improve functionality and prolong usability.

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