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Ice Thawing Services to Keep Your Pipes Functional in Red Deer

For many Canadians, winter is harsh and can wreak havoc on your building’s piping and drainage systems. Frozen pipes can cause a host of issues ranging from affecting your water supply to damaging your piping system entirely. Drainage systems may also clog up due to freezing in the winters. Ma-Shine Pressure Wash & Steaming Services Ltd offers reliable ice thawing services in Red Deer. We can keep your piping, drainage systems and sewer system free of ice so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of water. 

Our services cover the thawing needs of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients. Call us if you have any frozen pipes that need thawing, and we will get to work restoring your plumbing systems.

Our Process

At Ma-Shine Pressure Wash & Steaming Services, we follow a specific process that is designed to thaw the ice that has frozen your plumbing systems safely. We start by diagnosing the problem using state-of-the-art scoping equipment. Once the issue has been identified, we proceed to thaw the ice so that your plumbing is restored. Our goal is to fix the problem and provide a solution that will prevent the same issues from happening again. 

Some Factors to Keep in Mind

Diagnosing and fixing frozen plumbing is greatly influenced by your building’s piping layout and the efficiency of your current HVAC systems. While most modern HVAC systems do a good job in preventing pipes from freezing, buildings with older systems tend to experience freezing issues every winter. Frozen plumbing can cost a hefty amount of money to repair. Consider updating your HVAC equipment to avoid these issues and preserve your plumbing. 

Keep Your Plumbing Ice-free

We can safely thaw the ice from your frozen plumbing systems and make them functional.

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